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Bjorler / Gabrielson – New Track online

2014/10/03 - 12:09pm

New track from the collaboration between Anders Björler & Anders Gabrielson online. The single is called “Dreaming of Insomnia”. Anders Björler – Keyboards, Guitars Anders Gabrielson – Saxophone, Clarinet Download Song: Mp3 version (320 kbps CBR) Flac version (656 kbps) Wav version (44.1 / 16bit)

‘Antikythera’ short movie to screen @ RoadBurn Festival

2014/03/31 - 1:33pm

Anders Björler’s Antikythera-Chapter One will have a special screening at Roadburn Cinema April 10 to 12 at the V39 in Tilburg, The Netherlands. Antikythera-Chapter One is an animated short film by the talented Costin Chioreanu, and contains the first three tracks of Anders Björler’s solo debut, Antikythera, out on Razzia Records.

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(c) Ester Segarra 2014

Anders Björler (born 1973) is a musician from Sweden. He is the current lead guitarist for the melodic Death Metal band At the Gates, and the former lead guitarist for Heavy Metal band The Haunted. He is also a film director & editor, running his own production company At The Gates Production AB.

The Anders Björler instrumental project (2012-)
Focuses mainly around his love for movie soundtracks, especially Italian 60, 70, 80′s cinema from composers like Morricone, Nicolai, Frizzi & Goblin. This instrumental project also shines a light on his wide variety of musical influences. Everything from Classical Music, Jazz to Progressive Rock. The debut album Antikythera was released on November 6, 2013.


From RAZZIA NOTES RECORDS press release:

Most of us associate guitar player Anders Björler with chewing guitars and high-energy thrash metal assaults. With At The Gates he invented the influential Gothenburg Sound and with The Haunted, Swedish Grammy award winners twice, he confirmed his position as a unique creator of infectious riffs.
But when Anders Björler makes his debut as a solo artist he chooses a whole different path.

“Antikythera” focuses around his love for Italian movie soundtracks from the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s and adds a healthy dose of English prog rock, jazz, post-rock and a pinch of Swedish folk music. Anders Björler has recorded an album that paints pictures in your head, a kind of music best listened to with your eyes closed. The sounds might even take you all the way to the Greek island Antikythera in the year of 1901. That is when a diver discovers parts of an antique analogue computer, dated to around 87 before our era.
This is the kind of magical travels that Anders Björler offers with his music. If the recordings he did with At The Gates and The Haunted was a perfect warm-up to a night out this is the big exhalation, the day after. It is a time for reflection.

 The 12 songs require musicians with great perception and depth — and Anders Björler has found them. Extraordinary drummer Morgan Ågren has played with everyone from Frank Zappa to Tony Iommi, bass player Dick Lövgren tours with Meshuggah and piano player Peter Wiberg was a member of the legendary The Spotnicks during the 70′s. Together with guitarist Carl Svensson and saxophonist Anders Gabrielson they handle Anders Björlers songs with great care and give the album an organic feeling.
“Antikythera” was mixed by Tue Madsen, known for his work with The Haunted among others.
– Even though this is not a metal album I wanted a lively production with great dynamics. There is also a certain security about collaborating with someone I have worked with in the past. He is someone I can trust, says Anders Björler who firmly claims that he will never stop playing metal.
– Absolutely not. But this is the album I wanted to do at this time. Even with The Haunted and At The Gates there were melancholic and progressive parts that I have developed further with “Antikythera”.

 The solo debut presents integrity and demands an open mind. And the reward for those who take the time to really listen is so much bigger.
This is the album Anders Björler has wanted to do for a long time and we are all welcome into his cinematic world. It is an exciting journey to places you did not think even existed.

Text by: Patrik Wirén



At The Gates – At War with Reality

Release Date: 2014

Released on October 27

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